RG Slider

Finally it’s released, RG Slider!

A jQuery slideshow on your blog/website made easy!

RG Slider makes it easy to create slideshows for your website. You don’t have to know any HTML/CSS, you don’t have to know how to scale images. Everything is done by the this plugin.
The workflow is easy:

  1. You create a slideshow.
  2. You set the options of this slideshow (these can also be adjusted later on).
  3. You select the image you want to upload.
  4. You crop the image to the desired size, add an optional caption and/or link.
  5. You add the shortcode to the post or page.

It’s that easy, everybody can do it.

The plugin has an overall look that very closely resembles the default wordpress styling. It looks like this plugin is just part of the WordPress core.
You get an well organized and neat tabbed overview page, where you can view all your slideshows. You have the ability to create, delete, edit, enable and disable slides.

RG Slider - Overview page

An neat overview page where you can view all your slideshows or create new slideshows

On the crop page, you can crop the image to the desired size and set an optional caption or link.

RG Slider - Crop page

An easy to use crop page for creating and editing your slides

And you get an options page where you can customize almost anything you wish!

RG Slider - Options page

An options pages where you can change a bunch of settings or set the default settings for new slideshows

And it’s available in multiple languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Serbo-Croatian (Thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic of Web Hosting Hub)

So please, download RG Slider and give some feedback!