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Coming Soon: RG Nivoslider 0

During my years of creating WordPress sites, I’ve always had the problem with people wanting one (or more) slideshows on there website, wanting to add images to it themselves, but they didn’t had the slightest clue how to resize/crop an image.

I’ve looked at a lot of plugins and most of them had some things I liked, but also some things I didn’t.
They could crop, but they only supported one slideshow.Or they supported multiple slideshows, but where really hard to set up properly.
Or they included the JavaScript/CSS in a really bad way.

So finally, I decided to build a plugin myself!

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Coming soon: RG Easy Contact 2

Have you also been struggling getting a nice contact form on your WordPress website?

Are the common used plugins not customizable enough? Not enough options? Or are they just to hard to master.

Well, that’s why I began writing my own contact form plugin called: “RG Easy Contact”

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